Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Reliance on mother nature

Historically, until our biosphere had started to be affected by adverse chemical elements, we used to be proud of organic materials abundantly found on Mother Earth. I wonder if we’re still with that sentiment. Doctors all around the world are seen striving to advise their patients, as well as anyone they come into contact with, to stick to organic food and drinks and avoid artificial sugar along with its derivatives. But the earth and our atmosphere are gradually and increasingly becoming affected by chemical fallouts, as the science of organic chemistry proves. Now, the question lies in the validity of truth; whether there is such a thing as organic material any more, as the part of our planet allotted to sustain animal and planet life is already in bad shape. We are told and constantly reminded of the fact that we are at the crossroads of a situation threatening the very existence of our planet earth which is of our own making and aptly named the ‘green-house effect.’ Let alone sustaining organic life, it is menacing, even shaking, the foundation of our civilization. A good example of the green-house effect is the rapid melting of the ice caps on the extremities of our earth, the poles. Disintegration is natural when interfacing is in trouble and it can be readily obvious. Under such circumstances, reliance on Mother Nature becomes a mockery of 21st century reality. Mankind’s passion for the high life, a superior civilization and addiction to technology is and will continue to undermine what is essential, if lack of political will and a unified determination to rid our planet and its atmosphere of chemical toxins and waste becomes a matter of equivocation. Pesticides, enriched fertilizers and other chemical elements that are applied to commercial farming and other chemicals and preservatives used in manufacturing and the processing of canned foods and drinks, cosmetics and detergents that are used in households everywhere, etc…are primarily anti-organic, and their persistent use is considered to be counter-productive to Mother Nature. It is my preference that green technology or alternative energy sources should be employed and believe it should overtake or outpace other technologies as fast as humanly possible worldwide. Technologically advanced countries should also become compassionate and less commercial-minded in providing the required assistance to the less developed parts of the world so that aspiring peoples enjoy what remains of the blessings of Mother Nature. I still believe that quick action may help mankind to survive the ever-powerful phenomena of chains of tsunami, tornado, cyclone and typhoon that are engulfing new areas on a scale unprecedented in the history of mankind.