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Name: Sosina Tekle
Education:  Degree in International Language Studies   
Company name: Go Green Vegetable Mart
Title: General Manager
Founded: 2004.
What it does: Vegetables, juice and salad retailing
HQ: Gerji, Sunshine Apartments  Number of Employees:  10

Startup capital:  200,000  birr  
Current capital:  Growing

Reason for starting business: To supply vegetables in required and affordable quantities and rates; to encourage the public to eat more vegetables so as to save money and be healthy
Biggest plus of ownership: It allows one to be confident in whatsoever one does and be effective
Biggest strength: I really love my job
Biggest weakness: I don’t know my weakness yet
Biggest Worry: I really don’t know it so far
Favorite task: Trading is my favorite thing
Most challenging task: I don’t think anything would be challenging for me if I set my mind to it
Plan: I want to branch out into other areas
First Career:  Secretary for an NGO
Most interested in meeting: I would be so glad if I could meet Barack Obama
Most admired person: Haile G/Sellassie
Stress reducer: Prayer 
Favorite pastime: Being with my family
Favorite Book: The Secret
Favorite Destination: Mombasa, Kenya 
Favorite Automobile: Toyota Corolla
Favorite Film: Teza (a film by Haile Gerima (Prof.)