Transparency International Corruption report puts Ethiopia 113th


The renowned International anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International in its yearly corruptions index for 2012 placed Ethiopia 113th out of 176 countries. The report put three Scandinavian nations among the top four in the list with Denmark taking the first position, followed by Finland and neighbouring Sweden standing at the fourth place, below the south pacific island nation of New Zealand, while the financial hub city state of Singapore got into the top five position. On the other end of the scale Somalia which has lacked effective central government for more than two decades, because of a civil war stood bottom at 174th, just below the reclusive East Asian nation of North Korea and Afghanistan with Sudan and Myanmar rounding the bottom five positions. The World’ largest economy the United States stood at 19th place just below the United Kingdom and the world’s third largest economy Japan, while standing above the Latin American nations of Chile and Uruguay. The world’ second largest economy as well as the world’s most populous nation China which is still showing strong impressive growth stood at 80th position, outranking its fellow emerging economy and the world’s second largest populous nation India which was placed at 94th place. Botswana stood first among countries from the African continent, standing at 30th position, while the small island nations of Cape Verde and Mauritius stood at 39th and 43rd respectively. Rwanda topping east African nations stood at 53rd place, and the continent’s largest economy South Africa stood at 69th position. Greece which is reeling from an economic crisis was ranked the most corrupt nation in the European Union (EU) standing at 94th place. Ethiopia’s position standing at 113th was, just below the southern European country of Albania, and above the Central American nation of Guatemala, its fellow African nation of Niger and the newly independent south East Asian country of Timor Leste (East Timor) which broke away from Indonesia through a referendum in the late 1990s. Eritrea stood at 150th position. The north African nation of Egypt, often times considered also one of the most influential nations in the Arab world stood at 118th position, while the world’s largest country and a big oil and gas exporter country Russia yet again scored poorly at 133, just above a fellow oil and gas rich nation of Azerbaijan and Kenya. Transparency International is a global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption. Through more than 90 chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin, it raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and work with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.