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The general assembly of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AACCSA) was held on December 20 at Hilton Hotel

where the Chamber’s successful transformation process dominated the meeting.
The general assembly that gathered a huge number of the business community was opened by Kuma Demeksa, mayor of Addis Ababa.
Ayalew Zegeye, president of AACCSA, said that the association is working on various projects to strengthen the private sector. The president also disclosed that the chamber has devised a five year strategic plan to undertake wide services for the business community. “Before the approval of the strategic plan various stakeholders have been involved in its development,” the president explained.
He said that the chamber has already started to implement the strategic plan.
According to the president, the founding shareholders assembly that will manage the Addis Africa International Convention and Conference Center, the new facility that will be erected around CMC area, has already been undertaken. Currently the city chamber has 10 million birr share on this new facility. On the current stage the biggest shareholder of the facility is the Addis Ababa City Administration investing about 33 million birr.
The chamber has also planned to establish a Policy Advocacy and Research Center to develop research based policy ideas that come from the private sector as optional policies for the country. The president also stated that under the five year plan, the Chamber will establish training center to expand the training for its members.
The Chamber has also received a 70 million birr support from The Netherlands Embassy for the formation of Agri-Business Support Facility under it [the Chamber]. The facility’s main aim is to expand the information link, market bondage, technical capacity building and other assistance for the agricultural sector.
On his annual report the president also stated that with the financial support of the Sweden International Development Agency (SIDA), the Chamber has formed project office for the establishment of corporate governance institute.
He also stated that the Chamber has finalized the preparation to open its own FM radio station. “Currently, we are waiting for the license from the relevant government body to go through according to the plan,” he said.
On the discussion most of the participants have given their positive opinion for the board of the Chamber that was elected a year ago. Some of the Chamber members opined on some of the business activity barriers that needs the intervention of the Chamber to deal with the relevant government offices for solution.