“Melhik”: Valuable lesson on illegal human smuggling

The scene begins in the port of Djibouti. A young man who works on a ship plans to smuggle his younger sister onto a ship which will take her onwards to another country but things take an unexpected turn; his sister shows up at the port with her boyfriend trying to get him smuggled out as well.
“Melhik”, a film which recently debuted in Addis Ababa, focuses on the ups and downs the couple faces as they search for a better life elsewhere. The film, made by Lola Film Production and written and produced by Bisrat Gemechu included actors such as Daniel Gebeyehu, Ermias Habtamu and the writer/ producer himself.
Most of the scenes were shot on what is a make-believe ship as it is a well-known fact that Ethiopia is a landlocked country and the film makers had to use different visual and sound effects to create the illusion that the events were actually taking place on a big ship at sea. Although the efforts of the film makers is ambitious and commendable, sadly, the film fell short of achieving its goal of being suspenseful and thrilling; instead the overall effect ended up making the film quite unrealistic.
Still considering the lack of materials in the country to create a realistic effect on the technical aspects of the film, the producers have painstakingly conveyed the storyline.  We can definitely state that Melhik puts across a valuable lesson to be learned around the issue of illegal human transportation, and in that sense, it is a good film to go and see.
The production of the film took eleven months to complete and is currently being shown in different cinemas around the country.

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