Michael Solomon


Name: Michael Solomo

Education: Diploma in Information Technology

Company name: Micky Digital Studio
Title: Owner
Founded: December 2011

What it does: Advertising works, photography services
HQ: Mehabe Netere building, around CMC Michael 
Number of Employees:  14 including part time workers


Startup capital:  40,000  birr  
Current capital:  Growing

Reason for starting business: The desire and passion I had for the job   
Biggest plus of ownership: The service you give to society and the freedom it gives you
Biggest strength: Punctuality and doing my job appropriately
Biggest weakness: Ignoring simple problems
Biggest worry: Satisfying customers
Favorite task: Taking photos 
Most challenging task: Finding material for my work
Plan: having my own professional photo studio and strengthening my advertising works
First Career: Advertising Agent  
Most interested in meeting: Bereket Simon
Most admired person: Jah Lude
Stress reducer: Taking a trip outside of Addis Ababa 
Favorite past time: Swimming
Favorite Book: Dertogada
Favorite Destination: Mombassa  
Favorite Automobile: Hyundai 
Favorite Film: Scarface