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On December 15th, 2012 party goers in thousands gathered to enjoy one of the biggest open air parties in Addis Ababa, Smirnoff’s ‘Midnight Circus’ Party.  The event that was held at the Milleannium Hall was described as exhilarating and festive by most who attended it. 
The well-known brand Smirnoff organizes this night life experience not only in Addis Ababa, but also in 25 different countries. Days before the event the organizers of the night of spectacle encouraged people to join the brand’s Facebook page and win prizes such as a ticket to the Midnight Circus party. “It was a spectacular night for Smirnoff and our customers. The grandeur and exuberance we witnessed are what everyone has come to expect of Smirnoff events and I’m ecstatic to report that we delivered once again. The night was a display of our high regards for our clients and customers and Smirnoff’s dedication to bringing excitement and joy into people who celebrate life responsibly,” said Yoseph Shebeshi, Diageo Commercial Spirits Manager.
Although the events was organized by a brand that proudly states that it doesn’t sell alcohol for those less than 21 years of age and promote responsible drinking, like all night parties, the drunken scene was heavy in the late night which is something the organizers might want to look into next time.
The event had an exciting list of deep house, funky electro, hip-hop, progressive techno, trance music and more to satisfy the different musical taste of the different attendees. Besides the eclectic music played by different DJ’s, there were also feasts for the eyes that included Salsa Dancers and Circus performances that entertained audiences all night long.
The Addis Smirnoff ‘Midnight Circus’ party was stated to be  truly a night to be remembered, if you have missed this one, there is always a next time.