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The first use of the title “Miss Universe” was part of an international pageant which began in 1926. Ethiopia started participating in this beauty pageant, starting from 2004 in Ecuador, where Frehiwot Abebe represented the country.

Miss Universe 2012 is the 61st Miss Universe pageant that was held on December 19th culminating with Olivia Culpo, from the U.S, taking the crown. This year, Ethiopia’s Helen Getachew participated in the event, but was not selected for the top 20 spot.
Helen, as her Miss Universe biography portrays, grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she had a very spiritual upbringing. She enjoys reading the Bible, spending time with family and friends at the cafe, and studying fashion. Helen hopes to one day be involved with organizations that help the poor, especially children.
Usually beauty queens who do pageants are judged by their looks first and then by their good deeds, intelligence and goals in life. There are many and varied misconceptions about women who participate in pageants in general; that they are considered to have just looks and no brains is just one of them, when indeed this is far from the truth. Still the Ethiopian Beauty Queen came under fire for her promo video for the Miss Universe pageant.
When asked what she would do if the World truly was coming to end on 21st of December, 2012, Helen promptly replied “I would run fast”.
Her answer did not gain her sympathetic friends. Many made their opinion known on various social media such as facebook and youtube by stating that Ethiopia was not well represented on the world stage. They further said that Helen couldn’t answer the questions presented to her correctly or in a meaningful way.
Other tried to defend the Pageant Queen by asserting that, since English was not her first language, she was not able to express herself eloquently. If she was allowed to answer questions in Amharic, she would have done a much better job, they argued.
Despite all, she was received in New York by her fans with fanfare and a welcome party this weekend.