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Art is a way of communication; it is sometimes considered an even better way of communicating than, say words. It exposes one’s deepest feelings, whether it is passion, love, fear or insecurities. Now, art is also doing something else in Ethiopia, it is helping people.
“Art for a Good Cause” is a campaign that was presented by the Association of Women in Business (AWiB) in collaboration with Makush Art Gallery where people can buy a raffle ticket for 300 birr to win an art work produced by different artists. The money raised from this campaign will benefit 40 selected women who have been trained in weaving and catering to help them secure economic independence. “This campaign is to help the selected women but it is also to introduce and give exposure to little-known up and coming artists. Most people can’t afford to buy really good paintings here; now, through this campaign, by paying 300 birr for a raffle, they will get the chance to win exquisite paintings,” said Nahu Senay Girma, President of the Association of Women in Business (AWiB).
The four artists who are involved in the campaign are Estifanos Negatu, Chernet Degu, Abraham Abebe and Elias Areda. There will be 15 paintings at the raffle- drawing event which will take place on  January 10, 2013 at the Hilton Hotel.
All are encouraged to participate in this campaign. “There are a lot of raffles being sold, even though I don’t know the exact number, and I am sure more will be sold soon,” stated Nahu Senay.
If you are a painting aficionado, 300 birr is a quite a good bargain, so take a chance and buy a raffle.