Colliding Worlds


Two brothers who don’t know each other and who grew up in two different worlds get the chance to finally meet in person when their father passes away. This is the plot of the new film “Addis Engeda,” that premiered on Sunday December 23, 2012 in public and private cinemas around the country. Written by Martha Abebe and directed by Mulualem Getachew, “Addis Engeda” tells the story of two brothers, one who grew up in the city and the other in the countryside, and the difficult situation they face when they start to live in the same house, because it was their father’s dying wish. Growing up in different cultures, the two brothers constantly fought, because their personalities kept clashing. The film produced by Bethlehem Film Production, in cooperation with Truth Film Production, features actors such as Samson Tadesse, Henock Alemayhu and Yodit Mengistu. The film is 1:45 long and took 10 month to produce. “Addis Engeda” is a comedy filled with drama that kids and families can enjoy.