Global Corruption Barometer Study launched


The Global Corruption Barometer Study conducted by Transparency Ethiopia on the status of corruption in Ethiopia has been launched here on Sunday. On the launching ceremony, Transparency Ethiopia Executive Director, Kibreab Abera, said the anti-corruption activities by various stakeholders have enabled the decrease of corruption offences. He said the awareness of the public on corruption has been improving. On the occasion, the Federal Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission Commissioner, Ali Suleiman, stated that corruption has posed a major threat to the global world in general, and developing nations, in particular. He said corruption has become a threat to sustainable development, security, stability and peaceful co-existence across the world. Cognizant of this fact, the government of Ethiopia has launched an anti-corruption war by establishing independent federal and regional anti-corruption institutions which are taking preventive and curative measures to eradicate corruption. The commissioner said the active participation of stakeholders in the struggle against corruption will speed up the eradication of corruption. Therefore, he said, partnership and collaboration is essential to address the challenges of corruption. Hence, the commissioner continued, the coordinated activities among stakeholders in the fight against corruption are paving the way to ensure a corruption-free nation. Ali said the outcome of the study will positively contribute to the ongoing anti-corruption struggle in the country as it has identified more corrupt institutions.