Jano Band to release album on January 1


The widely anticipated album from the first Ethio-Rock group, Jano Band containing 10 songs fusing Ethiopian melodies with rock music beats is set to hit the streets at the turn of the New Year on Tuesday, January 1, 2013.
Addis Gesesse, manager of Jano band and managing director of Trio Entertainment Private Limited Company, said a get-together event was organized at the Lion’s Den Hotel near the Greek Club, on December 27 with the aim of formally publicizing the upcoming album and as a gesture of appreciation for all those people, especially those in the media, who have tracked and reported on the group’s progress. Trio Entertainment PLC that was jointly formed with Ermias Amelga, CEO of Access Capital, produced and sponsored the album. During the event, several of the group’s songs included in the album were released to the largely appreciative crowd, which consisted of music business insiders, media and advertising professionals, artists and a motley crowd representing various companies.
Addis further said the album will be disseminated through two wholesale distributors, Z Music Shop and Flute Entertainment Plc., who will in turn distribute it on the eve of the album’s release to independent distributors and record shops around the city.
“We plan to release an album that’s suitable to the musical tastes of the current generation,” Addis said, adding that the band is expected to go on a country-wide tour including Bahir Dar, Mekelle, Dire Dawa and Jimma as well as in Addis Ababa. 
Addis also stated that he’s currently in discussions with Diageo, new owner of the renowned beer factory Meta Abo Brewery, on a sponsorship deal regarding the planned tour.
Kirubel Tesfaye, the band’s leader and keyboard player, is the most experienced of the members and had previously said the makeup of the band, consisting of four instrumentalists and four vocalists, will provide more variety to the audience.
He added that the band is in for the long haul, expecting a lot of challenges, but will work on accommodating the society’s musical tastes and desires while introducing the “Ethio-Rock” music genre. 
However, Addis’ near term plans do not end with Jano band, as he’s preparing an all female group called Janinities, consisting of nine members.
Addis Gessese, who’s a brother of the famous Ethiopian reggae singer Zeleke Gessese, has previously managed a host of high profile artists such as pop star Tewodros Kassahun, aka “Teddy Afro.”