Local inventor unable to patent invention


A local inventor is encountering financial difficulties to patent his inventions internationally which, he said, could be of great financial and economic source to Ethiopia.
Akalu Gebrehiwot said his first invention is a Mechanical Generator, which works admirably and has done so for a long time, only needing battery charging once or twice annually, with virtually minimum running cost.
The mechanical generator, though, roughly costs about the same as a similar sized fuel generator and is reportedly cost efficient and is environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have operating conditions attached to it like, for example, solar generators which are dependent on the sun. 
Akalu has already built his own version of a 500 Watt mechanical generator at a cost of 10,000 birr. Another invention he is working on and would like to patent after completion is a model or prototype “fountain writer” where a slopped fountain would have openings or holes in its base arranged alphabetically, and will be capable of displaying up to 64 alphabetical and picture characters, in various languages.
He estimates that the price range could vary, starting from 100,000 birr and going upwards, depending on the request and the product type.     
Akalu said he wants to obtain an international patent, especially from North American and European nations, because he expects consumers in the two regions to be his major clientele in the future, and to avoid foreign copycat models that could be marketed in those regions and could even be imported back to Ethiopia for sale and use.
The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is expected to facilitate his request for patent rights, but if he gets an international patent for his prototype, it would automatically apply here. 
Akalu has already received three utility patents pertaining to advertisement inventions from MOST; by utility patent it is meant that inventions are recognized only locally. 
The Ministry recognizes, in addition to the International Patent and the utility patent types, an industrial patent, which refers to patents that can be used for mass production. 
Akalu currently works as a video editor at the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) after graduating from the Addis Ababa Technical and Vocational Training School with a Diploma in electronics.