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Name: Samia Osman
Education: Degree in Marketing    Company name: Safari Phone
Title:  Owner
Founded:  2006

What it does: Mobile Phone, mobile accessories, SIM Card and mobile card sales

HQ: Yabsira Building, around Bole Medhanealem

Number of Employees: Two


Startup capital:  100,000  birr  
Current capital:  Growing

Reason for starting business: I believe in give and take. I love trade. I also know it is a very fruitful kind of job. That’s why I started it.
Biggest plus of ownership: You are your own boss and will not get into a hassle if you come up with new or innovative ideas with a manager if you are working for someone else. You will work hard whenever you want to without limits; therefore you will be able to do something better.
Biggest strength: I believe in myself so much that I always say I can do it. 
Biggest weakness: I have a bit of a temper which I believe I must change.
Biggest worry: I am always worried about my country. I want to see my people live a better life. I pity those women who are going to Arab countries where they face various insurmountable challenges. I wish they can change their life without leaving their homeland.
Favorite task:  I love trading 
Most challenging task: I found car renting very challenging.
Plan:  Expanding my business. I also want to start a commission agency
First Career: Car rental   
Most interested in meeting: No one 
Most admired person: [Meles Zenawi], the late Premier. 
Stress reducer: I find solace in praying whenever I feel blue. 
Favorite past time: I love traveling
Favorite Book: The Secret
Favorite Destination: Hawassa and Debre Zeit
Favorite Automobile: Infiniti FX (NISSAN)
Favorite Film: FBI, an Amharic movie