Focus on Mothers and Babies

Families gathered at Kebele 19 Recreational Center to celebrate “Mother and Baby show”, a congregation organized by Norcal International Trading on Saturday, December 29th 2012. The event featured some of the latest and most popular products available for mothers and toddlers.
The event’s objective was to provide or offer expert advice and essential tips on early-childhood for mothers-to-be and new mothers. The event, which is expected to be held semi-annually, was filled with amusing and entertaining activities for children, with food stands and music to keep attendees fully engaged throughout the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, last week. The “Mother and Baby show” program also featured thousands of products displaying a hundred different brands. The latest products showcased included toddler and maternity clothing, trays, prams, carriers and accessories for babies, as well as different items that could be used to decorate nurseries. Parents were given all kinds of advice on health care and the wellbeing of their charges.  
It also offered a wealth of information on other relevant issues concerning babies, because it is a well-known fact that such information and great advice on pregnancy and parenting are hard to come by in developing countries.
Other than the shopping opportunities for adults, the kids got to have loads of fun as well, through a variety of activities. The children had their own special zone where they could go and get their face painted with bright and glittering colors and where they could get their pictures taken. Since it is the Christmas holiday season, the organizers arranged for all the kids to take turns and have their pictures taken with Santa Claus and other famous cartoon characters.
Most who attended the event expressed their appreciation and wish for similar events to be organized more frequently. Schools, hospitals and other institutions working on matters related to mothers and children were well represented at the event.