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Reducing the distance between people, markets, services and knowledge or simply connecting people is a great part of what economic growth is all about,

and that is exactly what roads do.  Roads are a vital part of the transport system. A country’s road network should be efficient in order to maximize economic and social growth. They play a significant role in attaining national development and contribute to the overall performance and social functioning of the community. It is well know that roads enhance mobility, providing people with more opportunities and taking them out of poverty.
What about road upgrading projects in the middle of the city creating chaos for some time?  What happens when a particular road is closed for construction and you have to take a detour? It takes you a little bit longer to get to your destination. Be it work, school or any kind of rendezvous, if you are currently living around the main Africa Avenue area or any area where roads are under construction, you know the hustle you have to go through to get somewhere.
Let’s take the Meskel Square-Bole road upgrading project for example, this project that is estimated to cost 60 million USD has been a nightmare for a lot of people, not just people who used to travel using that particular road but people who own businesses alongside the road as well. Many businesses have closed down or have lost a lot of money because of the construction going on around the area.
The project was said to take two and a half years by the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority. Two and a half years seem forever for those of us who have to get to work using that route every day. The problem is not just that the road project is making it hard for people to move around. For the people who live in that area the problem goes beyond the inconvenience of transportation or loss of money for their business. They also have to deal with the massive accumulation of dust combined with the strong wind, busted sewage pipes bringing about horrible smell as well as water problem for residents.
The 4.3 km road upgrading project that started in January 2012 is going to transform the area completely. It will have two underpasses and an overpass. Obviously it will contribute a big deal to reducing traffic congestion. The other problem I foresee is that as the bole area is filled with bars and clubs and other places where people go to consume alcohol that will lead some to drive intoxicated and that in turn leading to a possible accident. I would think accidents occurring in those areas would be pretty severe with all the complicated designs.
Even though there are many problems that come along with reconstructions of roads, the benefit that comes after the construction is invaluable. Before the project was launched and people used the old road, the traffic in a rush hour was mind numbing every day. There was a lot of congestion on Bole road because it was simply too narrow. It was also very difficult to find parking spaces as many establishments didn’t provide adequate parking spaces for their customers, some cars would just park alongside the road making the way even narrower leading to an even longer traffic jams.
Since part of the new road has opened for use, the evidence clearly show that it has brought about massive change in the flow of traffic. People can park their cars alongside the road and there will still be enough space for five cars to move side by side. If just part of the road is able to provide all this space for cars to move around freely, one can only imagine what will happen when the whole project is completed.
The old Meskel Square-Bole road had beautiful big old trees in the middle. That was the only good thing it had going. For good things to happen we must wait, we must be patient, patient until road is fully open for traffic.