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The Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF) is set to construct a 50 million birr headquarters on a 4,000 square meters plot it has acquired.

The Architectural design work for  the building is already done by Ultimate Plan Private Limited Company. The federation’s previous headquarter had been expropriated by the Derg regime.
Tadele Yimer President of the Ethiopian Employers Federation (EFF) said the future building, will be divided into two, with one being used for its clerical work and the other to service as a training institute.
At the press conference, the federation called to announce its 60th anniversary, it also heralded its plans  to start publishing a weekly English and Amharic newspaper, in the next two months. As part of the celebration program, EEF is to hold a series of events including a symposium entitled “Employer is job creator and is a force for development” that is to be held at the United Nations Conference Center (UNCC) from January 16-17.
A one day walk event will also be held with a projected attendance of more than a thousand people comprising members of the EEF, employers and investors. At the event a special edition magazine entitled “employers voice”, fliers as well as t-shirts and hats will be distributed.
Tadele further said his organization, which was disbanded forcefully during the 17 years rule of the socialist oriented military junta that was overthrown in 1991, had decided to re-form again, succeeding in doing so about 16 years ago. Since then EEF has been on an uphill struggle to represent the interests of the employers as well as create industrial harmony between employers and employees as well as with the state organs.
He also said that governmental development agencies are part of its membership portfolio, as well as any investor whether foreign or local who has investments in Ethiopia, starting with one employee workforce and above. 
EEF currently has about 17 various employers’ associations under its wings, although Tadele said the influence and the activities of EEF compared to its foreign counterparts still leaves much to be desired.