Three suspects in tourist killing under custody

Three of the five individuals suspected of killing a 27 year old Austrian rafter on the eve of the Ethiopian (Eastern) Christmas Holiday, January 7, 2013 have been detained by security forces.
Nebiyu Tedla, minister counsellor of the spokesperson’s office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), said the suspects’ motives has been established as a robbery attempt gone awry, and that some of the deceased tourist’s properties, such as camera, clothes and bags, have been found in the possession of  the suspects under custody.
He further said that a task force has been formed by the Amhara Regional state, where the incident occurred, comprising of the regional and federal police forces plus representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), to actively pursue and capture the remaining two suspects. A group of four tourists who were on a rafting trip to Lake Tana and the Blue Nile, were reportedly attacked by the five suspects after an argument ensued and they refused an offer from the suspects to repair a technical problem they had encountered on their rafting boat.
Such attacks against foreigners and tourists, and specifically killings, are quite uncommon in Ethiopia, and even more so in this part of the country. Lately, high profile incidents have nevertheless cropped up from time to time.  
The incident occurred almost exactly a year after five European tourists were killed, when their group was attacked in the north-eastern Afar Regional state, a region bordering Eritrea.
The attack had prompted Ethiopia to make border incursions into Eritrean territory, after it received intelligence that it was a deliberate act of sabotage. Ethiopia accuses the Eritrean government of supporting and sponsoring Ethiopian militant groups to use them as proxy forces.  Ethiopian Defence Forces destroyed rebel training camps and warned it would take similar actions for such provocations. 
In 2007, gunmen seized five Europeans and eight Ethiopians in the Afar Regional state; the Europeans were handed to the Eritrean authorities while the eight Ethiopians were freed a few weeks later. In 2008, Ethiopian security forces prevented a planned attack on a group of tourists at the last moment. In 2009, two Ethiopians were killed and a foreigner seriously wounded when a mine exploded in the region.

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