BGI launches Amber draught


Following its successful introduction of its Amber Beer brand, BGI Ethiopia, which have over 50 percent market share in the beer sector,

launched its newest product Amber Draught.
The giant brewer in the country announced that it has introduced Amber Draught Beer, its second draught beer within a year. Castel Draught Beer, another product of BGI, was introduced exactly a year ago for the Epiphany celebrations.
Esayas Hadera, Marketing Manager of BGI told Capital that the brewery officially introduced on January 17 its third draught beer brand on the market, though it was promoted in some areas for the past few weeks. 
Esayas said that currently Amber Draught is produced in its Addis Ababa plant and other BGI plants located in Kombolcha and Hawassa will also commence producing the draught beer in the near future.
Surafel Alene, Sales Director of BGI, said that the company installed over 200 new draught beer dispensers for the new brand in Addis Ababa and in some other regional towns. He further said that additional 200 machines will be installed to expand the market of the new product in the near future. A draught beer dispenser costs about 100,000 birr.
According to Surafel, currently, BGI produces 10,000 hectolitres (one million litre) of the new Amber draught per month. “We anticipate expanding the production to 30,000 hectolitre per month to satisfy the market’s demand,” he added.  
Amber beer, introduced for the Ethiopian New Year in September 2012 “is the most sought after beer on the market,” say pub owners who are looking for greater quantity of the product delivered.
Esayas said that Amber beer was met with high acceptance on the market. “We expect a similar success on the draught beer,” he added.
BGI Ethiopia is the first brewery that introduced international draught beer brand, the Castel Draught Beer, early last year.
Amber Beer, a deep reddish brown colour beer, is also the first on the Ethiopian market and is distinct from other beer brands in terms of quality and ingredients. At six percent, its alcoholic content is higher than other draught beers.
Currently, BGI’s prominent brand St George draught and bottled beer hold the major market share in the country. The introduction of Amber beer has quickly expanded the brewery’s dominance in Ethiopia. 
BGI Ethiopia commissioned its newest branch in Hawassa, 275Km South of Addis Ababa, in June 2011. The Addis Ababa, Hawassa and Kombolcha plants’ total production capacity is about 2.3 million hectolitres per annum.
BGI Ethiopia also bought a 25 percent share worth 75 million birr in Raya Brewery which is under establishment. According to Raya’s plan, in the first phase of its operation, it intends to produce 300,000 hectolitres of beer per annum.
The beer market has become increasingly competitive since internationally known breweries such as Diageo and Heineken joined the local market last year. Diageo, the biggest distiller in the world bought Meta Abo at a cost of USD 225 million, while Heineken purchased Harar and Bedele breweries last year.
In the past budget year not only have the two international giant companies joined the beer industry, but Bavaria NV a giant in the beer industry and Duet Group, a British equity firm, have bought significant shares in Habesha Brewery, the under formation brewery, and Dashen Brewery respectively.