Global humanity is having second thoughts about the kind of societies it ended up creating all over the planet.

But from the chattering of establishment institutions and their psychopathic drones that sometimes pass as leaders (not only political), one wouldn’t think there is something amiss. Disturbing thoughts about life in general don’t usually spring up from the leisurely reflections of the beast, (human mass) rather they originate from its long-lived experience that have been affecting, (in one form or another) not only its current generation, but also its predecessors. Currently, this second thought (if one is counting) is forcefully stirred by the unadulterated recognition of the fundamental operating principles of the prevailing world system, which is: the rigidly consolidated/synchronized global activities/operations, primarily under the logic of capital, have become too unwieldy to our limited natural capacity.
But the reigning plutocracy reckons the whole thing doesn’t really matter since the human beast as well as the natural world are only instruments at its service! In other words, the beast is assumed not to have an existence of its own, i.e., outside of its utility to these vacuous instrumentalists. Nonetheless, from the look of things, the prevailing interstate system and its resultant political economy, which has been around for almost half a millennium, now seems to have reached its limit, historical limit that is. Again, the plutocracy is not interested in recognizing such obvious facts/realities that abound all over!
The majority of the world’s population suffers mostly as a consequence of structural defects inherent in the world order. On the economic front, polarizing globalization, which is the consequence of unequal exchanges between the countries of the core (OECD) and those of the periphery, still remains the main reason for the South’s persistent underdevelopment! The rampagings of the beast that are being witnessed all over the world today is a sign of increased frustration on its part as it tackles the protracted reign of global plutocracy. Resentment against the lopsided economic order is getting deeper by the day, from the Middle East to the Far East and from South America to Southern Africa, etc.
Racism and sexism that continue to serve as the main pillars of the world system are also challenged in ways that might not be conducive to the normal operations of the entrenched system. The economic ascendance and political assertion of people that were not historically in the driving seat of the system, is in itself an indication of fundamental changes in the making. As the global beast flexes its peaceful muscle in ways that are not traditional, entrenched interests are going out of their way to stop the budding mass initiatives.The more enlightened members of the beast have begun to advocate a different approach to life and life-support systems that reside outside of the logic of the system. The increasing attempt to peacefully withdraw or refuse to go along with the diktat of the plutocracy is worth reflecting upon!
Only few days ago a young man by the name of Aaron Swartz hanged himself at home. Two years ago the US government charged him for computer hacking. He was, amongst other things, a brilliant programmer and an activist in the broader sense of the word (not only a hacktivist.) In effect, the crime of this Stanford drop out (too bright for regimented learning) was; he dared to challenge ‘Big Brother.’ He confronted raw power with the honest truth. See Leopold’s article next column and Boyd’s on page 50.
The global arrangement today is such that the majority of people are being pushed aside, even in the countries of the rich, so that the bosses of the system can have their way. But at a deeper level something is really cooking! For example, the values celebrated by the status quo are being challenged everyday and everywhere. As expected, the initial initiatives are and will come from the best of the beast, like Aaron, but soon this refusal will take root and the collective beast once again will ascertain its natural life-values, which are anathema to the existing ideology.  As we would like to say: “Refusal is the harbinger of revolutionary change.” Good Day!