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Name: Filmon Kidanemariam
Education: Diploma in Video Editing     
Company name: FreePhilm Animation Plc
Title: General Manager
Founded: 2009 What it does: Production of 2D and 3D animation and cartoon film, and print and electronic advertisement    
HQ: Gotera Condominium 
Number of Employees: Three

Startup capital: 50,000 birr
Current capital: 300,000 birr

Reason for starting business: Because I love animation and making cartoon films 
Biggest plus of ownership: Because all your hard work and what you have sweated for is just for you
Biggest strength: I am creative. I have to add something to whatever I’m working on, even if I do the most obvious things
Biggest weakness: Starting many things at the same time and being unable to accomplish most of them
Biggest worry: Whether what I have done has a real impact on people or not 
Favorite task: Making cartoon films
Most challenging task: To do the job of attorneys
Plan: To be a revolutionary movie maker and win an Oscar
First Career: Photo editor  
Most interested in meeting: I’m not interested in meeting anyone so far
Most admired person: Michael Jackson. I admire him, not only because he sang beautifully, but he was also able to win almost everybody’s hearts
Stress reducer: Being alone at home or visiting burial places or tombs. You relax when you take the time to think that everyone is mortal
Favorite past time: Watching movies and visiting burial places. I enjoy visiting the “Residence of the dead”
Favorite Book: All Sibhat G/Egziabher’s books
Favorite Destination: No favoured destinations
Favorite Automobile: Chevrolet
Favorite Film: Cast Away