January ends celebrating African music with Vieux Farka Touré and “African Train” photography exhibition by Hugues Fontaine in Addis

The evening of Tuesday, 29th January 2013 at the National Theater is definitely the place to be, as the famous musician Vieux Farka Touré will be taking center stage for the first time in our capital.

Influenced by his legendary musician father, Ali Farka Touré, who set a standard in the World music scene, Vieux developed his own style of music and set a standard of his own. He matches electric guitar against bass, drums and western influences, while still managing to keep a distinctly African edge.
Often compared to the famous Jimi Hendrix, Vieux, who was born in Niafunke, Mali in 1981, started his musical career as a drummer at Mali’s National Institute of Arts, but then switched to playing the guitar in 2001.
Vieux released his first self-titled debut album back in 2007 but has recorded a couple of songs with his father prior to that.
The artist’s second album “Fondo on Six Degrees”, released in 2009, is what really started to move him out of his father’s shadow. In this album he used the elements of rock, Latin music and African influences while staying true to the roots of his father’s music.
His most recent solo album was released in 2011 titled “The Secret”. It is said he named his album so, because listeners will be able to hear the secret of blues, with a blend of generations from father to son.
The concert that will be held at the National Theater will unquestionably be attended by a full house; I suggest you try to get there as early as possible to secure a seat.
“African Train” photography exhibition
During the same week as the concert, another major art event will take place at the Alliance Ethio-Française, with the opening of the “African Train” photography exhibition.
The exhibition by Hugues Fontaine will be held on Wednesday, January 30th in conjunction with the official release of the book entitled, “African Train. Djibouti-Ethiopia”. The book chronicles the first 30 years of the Djibouti-Addis Ababa railway construction through a series of portraits.
On the opening day, the exhibition will be followed by a screening of archival films never seen before in Ethiopia.
Both of the events are organized by Alliance Ethio-Française and the French Embassy, along with other organizations.

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