Paying dues

It is a generally accepted rule that most parents would do anything for their children. They feed them, cloth them, send them to school and supply them with the necessary tools to help them grow and become fully able and productive human beings. Parents do this selflessly without expecting the children to do anything for them in return. But what if parents kept score and kept track of all the expenses they incurred while they were raising their kids? That is exactly what happens in the new film “Yegna Beteseb” (translation; “Our Family”). This new film that premiered on Thursday, January 16th, 2013 at the National Theater shows how a father and mother with four children decide to make their brood pay the money they spent on their upbringing down to the very last penny. This puts the children in a very difficult position and affects their lives to the point that they are unable to have and support their own offspring because of the debt they owed their parents.
The film got mixed review as some critics said that the storyline and some of the scenes were not believable, and the exaggeration was a bit over the top, while others felt that the storyline was really interesting and they mostly enjoyed it.
Some of the actors and actresses in the film that was produced by Ammanuel Tekle and the Galaxy Film Production Company are Abebe Worku, Daniel Gebeyehu, Nahom Getachew and Hanna Fetwi. It took over 350,000 birr to produce and 4 months to make. The hour and a half long film is currently being screened in almost all cinemas in Addis Ababa.