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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) program lacks a strong accountability mechanism, a report released by Save the Children suggests.
The “Ending poverty in our generation” report was presented at a panel discussion held on Friday, 18th January 2013, at the Hilton Hotel. The panel discussion focused on ending extreme poverty within 20 years as the vision of the post 2015 framework. “While the MDGs are largely a success story, there have been some setbacks; in the area of reducing hunger, for example,” said Ned Olney, Country Director for Save the Children. It was also stated that the MDGs program implementation is flawed in some countries, especially in the areas of access to medical services, as well as education.
The report stated that, while the current MDGs have rapidly improved school enrollments in many of the schools, the children are not actually receiving quality education. Besides such quality issues and access to medical facilities, the report says the MDGs are blind to the massive impact of violence. It was said that the new framework should pay more attention to protection from violence and abuse.
The post 2015 framework should promote a strong service delivery system that conveys what is most needed by the populace. It was also stated that, while the MDGs approach has encouraged a focus on the easiest to reach, eradicating poverty and preventable child death requires a dedication to reaching the hardest to reach. That means reaching the poorest while paying special attention to the persistence discrimination against women and girls.
“We have a historic opportunity to put an end to the devastating cycle of poverty. By committing to these ambitious but achievable new targets, we really can become the generation that ends extreme poverty forever,” Ned stated.
The report says that the end of extreme poverty is now in sight because of remarkable progress made in improving the lives of millions over the last two decades. However, the post 2015 development framework must address the gaps in the MDG framework in order to realize the set goals.