Waliyas receive Birr 200,000 prize money each


The Ethiopian Football Federation gave an immediate and lasting solution to football fans disagreement concerning the way the prize money was distributed among the South African bound Ethiopian national team players. The good part of the story is when EFF Vice President Teka Asfaw admitted that mistakes were done but it was not the intention of the Federation to discredit those players concerned. The prize money given out by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi was five million Birr which was to be disbursed among the Waliya Antelopes for bringing Ethiopia back to the international stage after three decades. However at the giveaway ceremony held at the Millennium Hall , it was announced that the money will not be equally divided between the teammates with 50,000 birr being the list and 250,000 birr being the highest received by team members. Ethiopian Coffee playmaker Dawit Estifanos was the one to go home with the list amount.
However following the Sunday’s strong football fans opposition at Addis Ababa stadium, EFF Vice President Teka Asfaw appeared in public to ask for an apology and stated that a reverse action will take place that will lead to the distribution of 200,000 Birr for each of the team members . The additional money was contributed by Abinet Gebremeskel a close ally of Sheik Mohammed Hussien Al-amoudi.