CoST to apply for Legal Status

Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) is working to form under legal entity to scale up its disclosure.
CoST that undertake its programme for the past three and half year under initiative level is now going to form under legal body after the government give approval the process. For the modality to acquire legal status the consultant has presented for the general assembly on Wednesday January 23 at Hilton Hotel.
On the occasion participants has given their feedback for the presentation that will submit for the government for the formation of the new legal body that would be by law.
Tesfaye Yalew, country coordinator of CoST said that the initiative has been developed the consultant’s presentation two times before it come to the general assembly. The initiative that commenced its work in 2009 has been enhanced value for money by shading light on the full procurement cycle of governmental infrastructure projects transparency through disclosure of information.
Disclosure and assurance are the major essentials of CoST and material project information throughout the procurement cycle.
In the pilot exercise the assurance teams analysed 25 projects from the road, education water and health sectors. And highlighting causes from concern throughout the project cycle, particularly in the feasibility and design stage as well as the tender evaluation process and in contract implementation.
The pilot all procuring entities stated. The consultant presentation indicated that valuable lessons were learnt from the pilot process which they aim to integrate into reformed governance procurement practice.
“specifically the Ethiopian Roads Authority is looking to make improvements in document management, Ministry of Education is focusing on increased compliance with procurement regulations, and the Ministry of Health has committed to carrying feasibility studies for all projects in future, ” the consultant presentation clarified.
Tesfaye told Capital that CoST will continue on the disclosure of other projects.
He said that the formation under legal status will enhance and give more power for the works that undertaken by CoST. Currently, CoST Ethiopia is working without having legal status under the guardianship of the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission.
The purpose of CoST is enhanced accountability of procuring entities and contractors for the cost and quality of public sector construction projects through strengthened accountability mechanisms. The benefit is also improving management of public finance and strengthened governance of public construction projects, and greater efficiency of public procurement of infrastructure projects, leading to higher quality infrastructure at lower cost.
Members of CoST Ethiopia are representatives from ten stakeholders that selected from relevant government offices, which are four bodies, three private sectors and three civil society representatives.

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