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A big get-together party was held on the outskirts of Johannesburg to honor the return of Ethiopian football to the continental stage after three decades of absence.
According to our sources, thousands of Ethiopians, including the Ethiopian Ambassador to South Africa, attended the party that was organized to celebrate the national team’s performance in the cup final. 
The Ethiopian community in South Africa that gathered at the party, not only had a gala dinner, but also made it an occasion to appreciate and laud the players. The jerseys of three players were put on auction where Adane Girma’s jersey that had all the other players’ signature on the back became the hottest item. After a long bidding battle, Adane’s jersey, which he wore when he scored the first goal for Ethiopia after 37 years, was sold for a staggering 97,000 Rand while skipper Degu Debebe’s shirt went for 42,000 Rand. For the final auction, the ball Adane slotted into Zambian’s net was sold for 45,000 to Adika and sister companies that drove all the way to South Africa for the cup final.
“The Ethiopian team dressed up in white cultural attire made a stunning picture among the crowd   and the photographing program was spectacular,” Sheger Sport radio reported back home. Ten years since his arrival in South Africa, Wondimu Assefa in a brief telephone conversation remarked that the event was easily one of the best times of his stay in the country and it felt as good as being home.
“We need to capitalize on what we have achieved so far; no more going back. Let us tighten our belts for the World Cup qualification,” Wondimu added. Though the amount has not yet been confirmed, the Ethiopian community in South Africa gave away prize money to each player. The Waliya-Antelopes returned home on Friday evening.