‘Sost Meazen’ to hit cinemas

The Ethiopian cinema is flooded with films that are shot locally and usually take less than seven months to make.

The films are generally low budget and lack quality. There are very few films that tickle the audience’s mind on an intellectual and creative level.
“Sost Meazen” is a film that will be released in May this year. This new film has been in production for three  years now and is about to be concluded. Written and produced by Theodros Teshome, the film revolves around a love story between two people from different countries; Ethiopia and Eritrea. The storyline tells of the predicaments that come with trying to go to the U.S illegally and the mighty sacrifices paid in the name of true love.
“This film I believe has a very important message; it vividly shows the harsh realities people face when they embark on a journey to enter a country illegally looking for a better life,” said Theodros.
“Sost Meazen” is shot in 5 different countries; Ethiopia, Libya, Italy, Mexico and the U.S. Over 1000 people participated in the making of the movie but the main characters are played by Solomon Bogale, Samson Tadesse, Mahder Assefa, Muluken Teshome and SelamTesfaye.
“We did face a lot of challenges because we shot the film in different countries; one major problem was lack of hard currency, which caused us a lot of problem. There was also the language barrier, that has been a challenge in making this film,” added Theodros.
“We have spent a lot of money on the film, we don’t know if we would be able to get back our money through ticket sales, we need to get a lot of international exposure,” Theodros added.
“Sost Meazen” has been registered to participate in the Cannes Film Festival and is also working on registering to participate in the Sundance Film Festival.
“We know that not everyone will be able to afford to see the film when it is released here in Ethiopia, but the message the film brings we believe is very powerful so we are thinking about showing it in cinemas for free,” said Theodros.