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Life Fitness, a global commercial fitness manufacturer, introduced three new customizable and modular configurations to Synrgy 360 that will suit both large and small facilities.
According to Dan Wille, Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Development for Life Fitness, who believes that Synrgy 360 and synergy training model his company has introduced will draw interest from facilities of all types worldwide, his company has continued to develop new configurations that will support ranging training needs.
“Synrgy 360 serves as hub for performing dynamic total-body exercises in one efficient space,” the company said. It therefore gives personal trainers and individuals a platform to experience unlimited training possibilities, according to a press release sent to Capital. 
According to the release, Synrygy360’s newest line of smaller configurations comes on the heels of the successful Synrgy360X (now Synrgy360XL) and Synrgy360S, which were launched in March 2012. “The comprehensive system includes attention-getting equipment, accessories, flooring and education to offer facilities a complete solution.”  Syngy 360 originally is promised to accomplish a wide range of variety of training goals through one system, such as endurance, improved balance, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility, power and strength. These three new models will achieve the aforementioned commitment, the company claimed, by combining several popular exercise trends including core training, body-weight training, reaction training and sport-specific activities.
New smaller configurations including, Synrgy360XM which gives facilities a bold option includes six available training spaces that can accommodate multiple users per space, Synrgy360XS, which features four distinct training spaces, and Synrgy360T, which is the smallest and that allows for placement against a wall. These configurations offer the same integrated storage for accessories and support training variety with space options that include a battle rope attachment, cable station, suspension chin bar, heavy bag, rebounder, adjustable height dip handles and step platform, among other features, according to the press release.
All the Synrgy360 models, including the new ones, have the ability to be connected to each other with the new cable cross-over boom, which gives facilities new flexibility in product layout and creates additional training options between units with an overhead bar that supports suspension training.