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7th Annual World ‘Toyota Dream Car Contest’

Innovation is the child of creativity. Creativity comes from imagination and imagination flourishes mostly in the minds of children. Have you ever imagined what your dream car would look like? That is the question Toyota posed in its 7th Annual World ‘Toyota Dream Car Contest’.
The contest, which is held locally for the 2nd time, presented 150 children who let their imaginations run wild in drawing a picture of their idea of a dream car. As Toyota champions the Green Vision and is a company that engineers fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, the art contest encourages and works to cultivate the green vision among young creative art competitors.
The stated goal of the contest is to strengthen Toyota’s relationship with local communities and customers in addition to instilling in children an interest in cars, especially the Toyota brand, as they are the future of society, therefore potential customers.
The children got together in the afternoon on Saturday February 2nd 2013 at the Toyota facility, Moenco, to participate in the competition and were given guidance on how to go about expressing their ideas with the help of artists. The day was not just about drawing; Moenco also took the opportunity to teach the kids about the realities of road accidents and provided them with lots of tips on road safety.
The applicants considered for the contest were children under the age of 15, and those placed from 1st to 3rd place will get the chance to travel all the way to Japan, to compete with children from all over the globe.
Contestants were instructed to focus on originality and easy concepts for ease of comprehension.
Those placed from first to third will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as an all-expenses paid trip to Japan, where they are allowed to be accompanied by a parent.