20,330 housing units inaugurated


The Addis Ababa Housing Construction Project (AAHCP) inaugurated 20,330 condominium housing units on five sites around the city on Saturday, February 23.
The sites are located in Lideta, Summit, Bole Ayat and Jemo areas (two sites) of the city and except for Lideta the keys to the condominiums were handed over to the owners.
Kassa Woldesenbet, head of support Communication affairs work process at AAHCP, informed Capital that since the Lideta site is designed to be a model village, the key handover ceremony to future owners is delayed, in order to complete the condominium housing sites with all amenities.
He also said the first construction of the housing units was started at the end of 2010 at Lideta site, which was slightly delayed in order to fully accommodate and pay compensation claims and finish clearing the rubbles from the demolished houses to build the condos. There was also varying progress during the construction of the different housing units, contributing to the delay in the handover date, as all of the housing units had to be completed and handed over at the same date.
The Addis Ababa city administration had previously transferred housing units to tens of thousands of individuals through the lottery method, beginning from 2007.
More than 350,000 people are registered and waiting for their day to come. The city administration plans to build and transfer 170,000 such housing units in the next three years. 
It is estimated that the increase in housing demand in Addis Ababa stands at around 60,000 units per annum. This figure is believed to rise as a result of population increase and an ever increasing internal migration.
With an average population growth rate of 2.7 percent, Addis Ababa needs 600,000 additional housing units in the coming decade alone, according to the Addis Ababa City Housing Development Office. Ethiopia is one of the least developed countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its urban population stands around 11 million. This represents only 16 percent of the total population of the country estimated to be over 86 million currently.