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The Federal Ministry of Health (MoH) launched a major project with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Teck Resources Limited a Canadian private firm to prevent and treat people with diarrhea. 
The project, launched on February 19 at the Hilton Addis, will cost USD 20 million and is expected to take three years to complete.
Micronutrient initiative, an Ottawa based international non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the world’s most vulnerable, especially women and children in developing countries, receive the vitamins and minerals they need to survive and thrive, through supplements and food-enrichment programs, is ready to implement the program on behalf of CIDA.   
An official at the MoH said the new program would help reduce mortality related to diarrhea by as much as 14 percent. The program is expected to be implemented through health extension workers and health stations with Zinc supplementation and Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) treatments. However, the focus will be on diarrhea treatment through the application of Zinc supplementation, which is an essential micronutrient that can prevent and treat diarrhea. The plan, envisages scaling up of ORS and zinc treatments with a goal of treating 6.5 million cases by 2015. 
The program has also been named Zinc Alliance for Child Health (ZACH) to emphasize its focus on Zinc treatment and the priority population group will be children.
The Ministry also said Zinc can have additive value, such as rebuilding one’s immunity system, preventing stunted growth in children and can also act as an appetizer.
Doug Horswill, Senior Vice President at Teck Resources Limited, stated that it’s the firm’s first-ever partnership in the health sector as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSRP).
However, the firm has previously been involved in environmental protection programs in the mining sector.
Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, coal, zinc and energy. 
The new initiative includes other African countries like Senegal, Burkina Faso and Kenya and has plans for involvement in a South Asian country, either India or Bangladesh.
The launching of the program also included a photo exhibition with statistics on the relationship of diarrhea, illness and death being highlighted. Diarrhea is a leading cause of death and illness in children under the age of five and is responsible for over a million deaths annually.
Other data reveal that diarrhea has a 13 percent prevalence rate in Ethiopia resulting in close to 40 million episodes annually.