Desta Shiferaw


Name: Desta Shiferaw
Education: Diploma in Tourism
Company name: African Petra Tour and Travel Company
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: 2008
What it does: Provides full tour packages and car rental services


HQ: Near Imperial Hotel   
Number of Employees: 12


Startup capital: 1,000,000 birr
Current capital: 2,000,000 birr

Reason for starting business: Because I’m familiar with the tourism business, being a native of Lalibela
Biggest plus of ownership: Improving my living standards, and that of my employees 
Biggest strength: Respect for work, learning from mistakes
Biggest weakness: Sometimes I’m too trusting 
Biggest worry: Satisfying my customers    
Favorite task: Discovering new tourism routes and destinations
Most challenging task: Adequately and satisfactorily addressing tourists’ needs during peak seasons 
Plan: To expand business by adding a lodge in the countryside and a hotel in the city  
First Career: Tour Guide 
Most interested in meeting: US President Barack Obama 
Most admired person: My father
Stress reducer: Playing video games
Favorite past time: Swimming
Favorite Book: “Feker Eske Mekabir” by Haddis Alemayehu
Favorite Destination: Florence, Italy
Favorite Automobile: Mercedes Benz
Favorite Film: “The Note Book”

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