Mixing two flavors


If you are a fan of hybrid music, a kind of music which melds two different cultures, you will love this band.
Made up of Italian and Ethiopian musicians, AtseTewodros is a musical project that is coordinated by writer and performer Gabriella Ghermandi. This project, they say is the symbol of Emperor Tewodros, who was not of imperial lineage but took the throne through sheer will power. With the mix of sounds from the piano, bass, kirar, washent, drums and vocals, this musical group blend traditional and modern instruments to develop a unique and interesting sound. The group arrived in Addis Ababa and performed at the Italian Cultural Institute this past week and they were greatly appreciated by music lovers.
They said that Ethiopian music, until recently, was almost unknown and they want to promote it by playing music using Ethiopian traditional musical instruments to provide an opportunity for Italian musicians to explore new musical contexts.
The group is known as a project because it is in the process of developing an album that consists of songs that are all original, composed and performed using traditional forms and with Ethiopian pentatonic scales. The music is arranged with a plot that combines traditional instruments from Ethiopia and European musical instruments mostly used in jazz music.
Besides the music, the group also does intercultural shows through storytelling and dance with the participation of other Italian and Ethiopian artists.