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The month of March is promising to bring for you very exciting days. You will be able to enjoy all sorts of entertainments, all because of the Brazilian Cultural Festival.
The cultural festival, which commenced on March 1st and ends on the 31st has a food festival where various sumptuous Brazilian food is prepared for curious palates and a film festival for fans of motion pictures as well as a very interesting photo exhibition to cap it all.

This festival, which is being held from March 1 to the 8th for the second time, will bring to Ethiopia three prestigious chefs from Brazil to present the flavors and richness of the country’s cuisine. Chef Cristiano Lanna, along with his team, has taken command of a well-equipped kitchen at the Sheraton Addis to delight people with their fabulous and unique Brazilian tastes.
Each region of Brazil boasts its own style of cuisine heavily influenced by the diverse history of its inhabitants’ origins, from both immigrants as well as its own indigenous people.
Some of the ingredients in the Brazilian gastronomy include pine nuts, yams, cassava, hog plum, okra, peanuts, cheese bread and ‘chourico’, which is essentially a spicy sausage. Is your mouth watering with anticipation or do you need additional enticement? Maybe Chef Lanna will serve Quindim, a dessert made with butter, egg yolks, coconut and sugar. Such special delicacies are making the rounds at the food festival.


After you have delighted your taste buds with the unique cultural dishes, out comes the brilliant Brazilian films for your pleasurable viewing from 11th to 16th March. The festival continues with a six- film extravaganza, with all the movies in Portuguese with English subtitles.
A very interesting selection of films is to be screened; among which is “The year my parents left on holiday”. This film relates the story of a boy left behind by his parents because of the war, and the storyline is about the difficult and wretched situation the boy is exposed to. But not to worry, the films are not all sad and serious; there are also some that are quite hilarious. “If I were you” is perfect for an evening of laughter. This film is about a married couple who have lost appreciation for each other’s feelings or points of view. Life sets out to teach the two love birds a lesson and they end up switching bodies, the man becoming a woman and vice versa. If you are into drama, that too is available for you in “Central Station”, a film that narrates the story of a retired teacher and her friendship with a nine year old boy.

Photo exhibition

When we think of Brazil, we think of football, or if you prefer, soccer. Brazil has produced some of the most celebrated football players in world history. “The Passion of Brazilian Football” is the name of the exhibition that will showcase photos of Brazilian football at the Taitu Hotel starting from the 20th  to 31st March.
The photographs by G. Uchida show the passion of Brazilian football fans as well as the players. We love football in Ethiopia; Waliya supporters have been the most colorful and passionate during the games of the last African Cup of Nations.
It will be interesting for Ethiopian football lovers to see their admired footballers from one of the most favorite football nations. No promises but organizers of the exhibition hinted that the Waliyas might make an appearance at the opening of the exhibition on the 20th.
The Ambassador of Brazil, Isabel Cristina de Azevedo, stated at a press conference on Wednesday February 27th  that the first festival held around the same time last year was very successful and she has absolutely no doubt this one will exceed expectations. 
Brazil is a country known for a lot of things and one of the most famous is its carnival. I will make no promises but the Ambassador did mention that maybe next year, for the third festival, there might be a Brazilian-style street carnival.
One can only hope! For now enjoy the month of March.