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Name: Abreham Demissie
Education: Diploma in Cinematography  
Company name: Atse Menilik Production Plc

Studio title: General Manager

Founded: December 2012

What it does: Feature film and documentary film production, music clips, television and radio advertisement HQ: Meskel Flower, in front of Adot Tina Hotel
Number of Employees: 10

Startup capital: 300,000 birr 
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To leave my footprint on the country’s cinema industry by pushing it one step ahead and bring about real change and make Ethiopian films competitive internationally
Biggest plus of ownership: It enables you to do whatever you put your mind to and to become economically free to help others, including your family  
Biggest strength: I am very patient  
Biggest weakness: I don’t remember having one   
Biggest worry: I am always worried about the ever increasing violence and abuse against women and the huge number of street children 
Favorite task: I enjoy all tasks I do but I think directing is my favorite
Most challenging task: Ethiopian cinema is not on the right track right now. I find it very challenging to make films of high artistic value and get good markets for them Plan:  I want to make my company one of the biggest film makers in Africa and obtain international awards
First Career: As a sound man for a film entitled ‘Adinat’ 
Most interested in meeting: I always dream of meeting Nelson Mandella  
Most admired person: I admire Tewodros Teshome, who has always strived to revive the sluggish film industry
Stress reducer: Reading books, walking 
Favorite past time: Watching football games, both Ethiopian and international. I also love watching movies     
Favorite Book: Minduban, the Amharic translation of ‘Les Miserables’    
Favorite Destination: Rio De Janeiro  
Favorite Automobile: BMW
Favorite Film: I enjoy many Hollywood and quite a few Amharic movies. But ‘Teza’, the Amharic film by Haile Gerima (Prof.), is my favorite film to date