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The 10th Choice Women First – 5km 2013 run will be held on Sunday 10th of March. This women only race that is organized by the Great Ethiopian Run (GER) is done along with the celebration of March 8 women’s day.
This race has been only race that is exclusive to women and is done to promote the social and economic success of women in Ethiopia today. The race also aims to inspire encourage more women to play an active role in their own communities.
With a motto that states “To bring change, empower women”, this year’s race will have 10,000 women from different parts of the country. This race since its establishment not only has become a stage where women can focus on themselves and their strength but it has also opened up different opportunities for women athletes. Such athlete who have benefited from such opportunity is Tiki Gelana who won gold medal at the London Olympic, Tiki participated in 2008 Choice Women First 5km taking the second place. The organizers state that this year’s race also has some promising athletes participating.
The race is also known for its hefty prize money with 1st place winner receiving 10,000 birr with 2nd and 3rd place winners receiving 7,000 and 4,000 birr respectively. If those who get the 1st to 3rd place are people who clock in a better time than the last race, then they will receive an additional 2,000 birr prize.
The organizers stated that among the participants will be public figures such as national women’s football team (Lucy) members, over five ambassadors as well as Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral association President Mulu Solomon.