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A new Amharic movie entitled ‘Kemeten Belay’, literally translated as ‘Above Limit’, is to be launched on Tuesday, March 5 , at the National Theatre. 
The film is presented by Buze and Leepep film production companies and depicts a man who was adversely influenced during his childhood trying to find out whether what he thinks is right or wrong. 
This romantic comedy is both written and directed by Tewodros Teshome (Teddy Lee). He wrote the script seven years ago and has been working on it to improve it since then. The writer/director has also played minor characters in a couple of movies and written subtitles for more than 30 films including Etege, Bethelhem, and Tilo Malef. He also played a part in Gemena I, a television drama broadcasted by Ethiopian Television. Tewodros is also a translator and teaches at the Albert Language and Computer School.
The film cost more than 1.2 million birr, and is 1 hour 42 minutes long, according to the director. He said audio visual production took more than 200,000 birr while about 600,000 birr was paid to actors and actresses. “Amanuel Yilma, a renowned music composer, who also did a soundtrack for the film, is the most paid,” Tewodros said.  Among others, Mesay Wondimeneh, a famous television presenter, Helen Bedilu, Elias Wossenyeleh, Shewit Kebede and Tewodros Gashaw have also played a part in the film. 
The film will have subtitles in six languages ; English, French, Arabic, Chinese, German and Italian. “I chose the languages to reach a large audience and due to the access I have to translators who are native speakers of these languages at Albert Language and Computer School,” Tewodros informed Capital.  
The film has been screened at Edna Mall Cinema, Alem Cinema, Sebastopol, Eyoha, Embilta, Agona Serawit, Yoftahe, Wafa, Shalom, Habesha, Sina (Bethel), Hadmes (Alem Gena), Gym (Sebeta), Kafdem (Kaliti) Hiwot and Mormor cinemas (Adama)  for the general public on Sunday, February 24 2013.  It, however, will officially be launched on Tuesday, March 5 2013 at the National Theatre.
The shooting took place in Legetafo area, Addis Ababa and at the African Vacation Club, Langano. About 40 percent of the outfits seen in the film were designed particularly for the film by renowned Ethiopian designers.