Toscana Shoe assess leather, garment products for European, US markets


Consorzio Toscana Shoe Components of Italy is undertaking product inspection through the Swiss Social & General Services (SGS S.A) to buy garment and leather products worth £5 million from Ethiopian companies. The company revealed its commitment to contribute to the development and expansion of Ethiopia’s leather industry as it aspires to develop lasting and strategic partnerships with local companies. 
This internationally renowned company interested in importing leather goods from Ethiopia to the US and European markets, says Solomon Getu, Board Chairman of the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA). “…hasn’t yet decided who to buy the products from, as it is undertaking product inspection.” Toscana has also visited Crystal Tannery, which is owned and managed by Solomon, as it supplies processed leather to the companies Toscana Shoe is aspiring to buy leather products from.
According to our sources, SGS is carrying out the inspection of eight companies producing leather and garment goods. Solomon, however, said that the company hasn’t yet decided on how many companies to buy the products from. “They are approaching almost all companies that are believed to have quality products. The purchasing of garment and leather products is not the only thing the company is interested in, as far as I know,” Solomon said. “The company seeks lasting strategic partnerships with Ethiopian companies to have a sustainable supply of products from the country. They are even assessing expansion projects of companies.” Peacock Shoe, New Wing Shoe, Ramsay Shoe and Anbessa Shoe are amongst the companies whom SGS is inspecting.
Toscana is opening new shops around Europe under the name F&F. “They indicated to us that they liked our products and would like to work with us,” the manager of New Wing Addis Shoe Factory disclosed to Capital. He is hopeful that, in two or three weeks’ time, they would finalize the inspection and decide on which kind of shoes to purchase from New Wing Addis, which produces only export shoes geared towards women clients.
On February 20,  Toscana held a discussion forum at the 6th ‘All Africa Leather Fair’ organized from February 20-22 by the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA), the Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) and other stakeholders of the industry where it introduced itself and its future plans to major actors in the Ethiopian leather industry. “It has made commitments to contribute to the development of the country’s leather industry,” said our source who attended the discussion. 
Toscana is famous for distributing high-quality garment products for the developed world, and its plan to work with Ethiopian leather companies sprang from the country’s fascinating development and growth in the sector, according to our sources that are in the know.