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The Addis Ababa City Administration’s Land Transfer Agency announced that it is going to reclaim plots of lands from lessees who have not completed construction as per their permit and who do not start construction within the specific period given by the administration.
According to the agency, some of the lessees who were allocated the plots by the city administration to build on it have not undertaken the construction according to their original schedule for various reasons, including lack of finance. 
“The agency took into consideration problems in relation to construction periods, however lessees now need to start building within the next three months,” the announcement reads.  In addition the agency has completed its preparation to notify residents that they should commence construction of their main house as “most of these residents have constructed a small part of their housing facility and have failed to construct the main building,” Bekele Gebre, head of the agency said.
According to the statement, these residents have to report to their respective sub cities and resume construction of the main house within the period from March 11 to June 7, 2013. “The agency has given three months for residents to get more time for preparation and resume construction. The Agency will take legal action on those residents who will not report to their sub cities during the stated period,” Bekele explained.
The agency indicated that the measure on those who will not appear following this notification will include confiscation of the plot together with the constructed segment of property on the plot. 
The agency further announced that it has finalised identifying the plots that are behind on their construction process and will notify the developers to appear to relevant government offices. In addition developers who did not undertake any development on their land have to report to the agency with their reasons for the delay within one month.  “If their reason is unacceptable by the agency the plots will be returned to the city land bank,” the land agency statement explained.