Henok T/Michael


Name: Henok T/Michael
Education: Diploma in Accounting and Marketing 
Company name: Astunet Business Enterprises Plc
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: September 2012

What it does: Irrigation consultancy, supplying and installing irrigation and water supply equipment; supplying plastic pots; local and foreign trade (auxiliary) representation; clean water solutions and transit and customs clearing
HQ: On the road between Brass Hospital and Bole NOC Gas Station
Number of Employees: 9


Startup capital: 500,000 birr 
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To establish a more structured and successful company 
Biggest plus of ownership: You will do your best
Biggest strength: I often know what I am doing and I would like to intimately know the rules and regulations so that I won’t make mistakes 
Biggest weakness: I am too soft when handling employees   
Biggest worry: I don’t worry much because the world has its own rules
Favorite task: Helping my employees do what is new or what is seemingly impossible for them   
Most challenging task: My company offers quality products and services, but most people are concerned only about the price of goods and services. That is only one of the challenges I face
Plan: Making our company the biggest irrigation company in East Africa  
First Career: As a transit goods clearing agent 
Most interested in meeting: I have always wanted to meet [the late] Prime Minister Meles Zenawi 
Most admired person: Meles Zenawi
Stress reducer: Walking and listening to music  
Favorite past time: Writing, especially poems   
Favorite Book: The virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand   
Favorite Destination: Bahir Dar
Favorite Automobile: Mahindra
Favorite Film: I can’t think of one right now