Saints left fullback Abebaw handed a five-match ban


Following the latest disorderliness incident at the Addis Ababa stadium, the Ethiopian National team and St. George left fullback, Abebaw Butako,  is suspended from playing five Premier League matches. Ethiopian Coffee and St. George were each fined 50,000 and 40,000 birr, respectively.
According to the Ethiopian Football Federation disciplinary committee’s announcement, Abebaw Butako insulted .Ethiopian Coffee supporters using a hand gesture in retaliation for being called names. Thus, for the disrespect he displayed to the fans, he was handed a five-match ban and a 1,000 birr fine.
The incident took place the day the Saints played against Defense Force and the left fullback retaliated in a negative and unsportsman- like manner in frustration at the fans’ personal abuse. Since football is a spectators’ sport, and means nothing without the presence of fans, insulting supporters is considered to be a serious offence.  According to one St. George supporter, Abebaw, who returned back from the Africa Cup of Nations final to a heroic reception from football fans, should have acted in a much respectful way towards the fans. “But, who said supporters have the right to personally abuse players?” the fan suggested. One Coffee supporter suggested that the fans are not right to abuse players by calling names. However the problem is from the federation, an institution that is hardly ever in a position to control the stadium’s discipline.
“It is no more a place you would want to take your children” The anonymous supporter remarked. “For such huge act of disrespect five matches ban doesn’t mean that much. Rather than banning  the player from playing,  handing him a 30,000 Birr fine could serve purpose of teaching the player a lesson as well to bring in an income for the federation” he added.
Ethiopian Coffee was also handed a 50,000 Birr fine and a two matches ban and is to play behind closed gates for Abebaw’s misconduct while Saint George was fined 40,000 Birr and one match behind closed gate.
Saints misconduct is said to be long past this one an incident. “I wonder why people look at Saints old file when ever Ethiopian Coffee is handed fines” Neway of Saint George stated.
Huge number of supporters as well both Saint George and Coffee are unhappy about the verdict and are expected to appeal.