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Name: Abera Teka
Education: Grade 7 
Company name: Wadan Collection
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: In 2010

What it does: Sells men’s clothes, shoes, socks etc.

HQ: Bole Medhanealem, in front of Kaldi’s Coffee
Number of Employees: Three


Startup capital: 50,000  Birr
Current capital: 100,000 Birr

Reason for starting business: I used to work as an employee in boutiques and realized that I could start my own business
Biggest plus of ownership: Having your own business enables you to work very hard and change your life. It also enables you to stretch your hands to help your family and others
Biggest strength: I am good at customer handling
Biggest weakness: I don’t know what it is yet
Biggest worry: I don’t have worries. I believe Allah is the one who allows and denies
Favorite task: I enjoy every part of what I am doing
Most challenging task: I don’t think anything is that challenging if you really want to do it. It all depends on your desire and commitment to do it.
Plan: I want to expand my business, increase my income and help my family and others who are in need   
First Career: I used to work as a shoe shiner and peddler 
Most interested in meeting: I don’t have that much interest in specifically meeting anyone  
Most admired person: I don’t admire anyone. I admire only Allah, the creator and manager, of everything  
Stress reducer: Being at work reduces my stress
Favorite past time: Staying in my boutique     
Favorite Book: It has been a while since I read a book and I don’t have a favorite
Favorite Destination: Nejash Mosque
Favorite Automobile: I do not have a favorite car, but I think I need one 
Favorite Film: I don’t watch movies