ERA re-applies for extra 5 bln birr budget


MoFED rejects all additional budget applications
The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) once again applied for supplementary budget, despite the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development’s (MoFED) rejection of additional budget requests from all federal offices this budget year.
ERA, which already consumes the lion’s share of budget attribution, has managed to secure additional supplementary budget in the past several years. According to sources, the additional budget is needed for the authority to meet its projection for this fiscal year. “Some projects may be delayed if additional finance is not injected,” say sources.
“We are still trying to get the necessary additional finance from the ministry, even though it has rejected our request,” an official of ERA told Capital. “We have presented our application to the finance cluster led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information and Communication, Debretsion Gebremichael (Phd) and we hope to get 5 billion birr additional budget.” As in the past years, ERA delivered its additional budget request for the current budget year to MoFED, but the ministry office not only rejected ERA’s request but other federal offices’ application too, according to the information obtained from MoFED. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defence with ERA requested 8.8 billion birr additional budget supplement this fiscal year.
According to sources at ERA, even though the ministry office has declared that it will not entertain any supplementary budget requests from federal offices, the roads authority has still renewed its request for extra money to the ministry a few weeks ago through its board.
“We are awaiting a positive response from the cluster,” the official noted.
In the past 15 years the authority has constructed vast road projects throughout the country. It has also remained the biggest budget consumer in the last decade.
In the current fiscal year ERA secured 21 billion birr, which is the highest amount allocated compared to other federal offices. The Ministry of Education follows with 12 billion birr, while the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Health are the other two government bodies that secure the third highest amount of budget every year.
For the current budget year, the Ethiopian government has allocated 137 billion birr. It also recorded a 26 billion birr deficit. According to information from MoFED, the budget gap still persists and the ministry office is considering different options to obtain the budget difference. According to the ministry, borrowing from state financial institutions is considered as one possibility.