Grand opening for Adulala Resort


Adulala Resort and Spa officially joined the hospitality industry with a grand opening in the town of Bishoftu (Debrezeit) the up-and-coming recreation destination in the country.

The new luxury facility, which took six years to complete at a cost of 150 million birr, is located on the edge of Lake Babogaya, one of the eight recreational lakes in and around Bishoftu 42kms southeast of Addis Ababa. The owner of the resort is Dr. Asrat Legesse, an Ethiopian with Russian citizenship. He informed journalists gathered at the hotel for the occasion last Sunday, March 10, that the resort had been partially operating, in a soft opening, for the past eight months. During the official inauguration held in the presence of government officials diplomats and other guests from the business community, Dr. Asrat explained that the resort has 50 different types of bedrooms that include presidential suites. The facility lies on 53,000 square meter of land and has three restaurants, four bars, three conference halls, a swimming pool with different spa facilities and sports field. The state-of-art construction rests on a slope and was carried out by Russian and Ethiopian architects. The owner further stated that the facility has conserved the diverse flora and fauna on the site during the construction of the resort. Dr. Asrat, who is also involved in the same sector in Russia, is also engaged in other service ventures in Ethiopia since his return to his motherland after a 30-year absence. Currently, the Federal government and the Bishoftu city administration are working together to make the town a major recreation and hotel facility centre in the country, due to its close proximity to the capital. Even though the hospitality industry is growing at a fast rate in several parts of the country, Bishoftu and Addis Ababa have taken the lead. Its geographical location with the numerous lakes in and around it as well as the temperate climate has made Bishoftu a primary location for sector investors and the government. The city administration has already ratified a new master plan that centres the town’s future as a recreational destiny for locals and foreigners alike. Currently, several hotels are under construction or have opened their doors to guests in the city of Bishoftu.