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Asseco Group, the largest IT Company in central and Eastern Europe based in Warsaw, will be joining the information technology industry in Ethiopia.  
Dariusz Brzeski, member of the supervisory board of Asseco, who paid a visit to Ethiopia early last week, said that his company has plans to establish its biggest IT branch in Ethiopia that will help in getting a large share of the African market.
The Polish IT giant, which joined the IT industry in 1991, has registered huge success and has become one of the biggest IT firms in central and East Europe within a short period of time. The supervisory board member said that he has paid a visit and held discussions with relevant government officials about the possibility of forming an Africa hub for Asseco in Ethiopia. “Asseco, which specializes in the production and development of software, has a company in South Africa, but the branch in Ethiopia will be the biggest on the continent,” he said.
According to the information provided by him and other officials at the Poland Embassy based in Addis Ababa, the company is interested in ventures and links with local IT companies that wish to work with it. Brzeski said that, by the fourth quarter of this year, the company intends to commence operations in Ethiopia. “Presently, we are unable to disclose the actual level of our total investment, but in general terms we will be investing  up to USD 15 million,” he noted.
“In regards to the development of our business, we want to mostly use local professionals and experts on the basis of knowledge transfer,” Brzeski said.
Currently, the company has 16,000 employees worldwide, which sell its software and services. In 2011, Asseco Group registered 1.2 billion euros in revenue.
The Asseco Group is a federation of companies engaged in information technology and is quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and other international stock exchanges. It offers comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy. Own solutions account for over half of Asseco Group’s total sales revenues.
This puts the Asseco Group among the top ten software vendors in Europe. The Asseco Group operates in most European countries as well as in Israel, USA, Japan and Canada.
Asseco develops and implements centralized and comprehensive IT systems for the banking sector. In addition, the company portfolio also includes advanced solutions for insurance institutions that have been implemented by major companies in the sector, as well as IT systems dedicated to public administration.
The Asseco Group is also successful in the provision of its products and services to the utilities sector, telecommunication and healthcare, local administration, agriculture, uniformed services as well as for international organizations and institutions such as NATO or the EU.