The Journey of Wonder with Samsung


Electronics giant Samsung unveiled a wide range of new electronics manufactured for the African market in its annual event in Cape Town, South Africa last week.

The latest television sets, as well as monitors, fridges, washing machines and the new Galaxy Grand Duo smart phone (capable of housing two SIM cards) were displayed among other gadgets.
Samsung unveiled a number of product categories tailored specifically to meet the needs of Africa under its ‘Built for Africa’ initiative to inspire further the future of the continent.
The product categories including audio visual and home appliances, mobile phones, digital cameras and IT solutions, were developed based on years of research to bring solutions to challenges facing Africa in areas such as environment, education, health and energy.
The company also announced its key milestones achievements across Africa as well as its strategy for Africa in 2013 and beyond.
The annual Forum aims at allowing business partners and associates, media and government as well as consumers to experience Samsung’s brand.
This year, Samsung would focus on designing ‘Built for Africa’ solutions that serve not only the individuals but also government and business enterprises, the COO of Samsung Electronics Africa, George Ferreira told Capital.
“…we will continue to develop more relevant solution-based business and continue developing Built for Africa technology in order to contribute to a smarter Africa.”
The Forum participants had first-hand exposure to the latest innovative technology products that were exhibited at the Cape Town City Hall and also gained insight into key trends within the consumer electronics space.
“Our key focus is developing products that suit consumer needs on the continent of Africa. We want to come out with solutions that meet the needs of the people. And today we have seen an increase in demand for most of our Built for Africa smart products,” Robert Ngeru, COO of Samsung Electronics East Africa said.
Beyond creating customized products for the African people, Robert said Samsung through substantial investment in research to reach its mission of inspiring Africa, has also come with affordable smart products for the ordinary people especially for its smart phones.
The South Korean Technology giant started the ‘Built for Africa’ dubbed “The Journey of Wonder” initiative in 2010 at its maiden Africa Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa.
To actualize that dream, Samsung brought together over 500 engineers, market researchers and research and development specialists around the world who travelled throughout Africa to understand the needs and wants of the African consumer.
Out of that substantial injection in research and development with the single aim of making a smarter Africa, the company developed the unique hardware ranging from air conditioners, washing machines, television to mobile phones.
The ultimate objective of the initiative is to place Samsung at the forefront of connecting the African continent through its innovative product development and corporate social responsibility initiatives tailored for the African environment.
At the forum the company also unveiled its Solar Powered Healthcare Centre which is designed to provide healthcare in rural areas.
The mobile centers are built for use in remote rural areas, and are intended to eliminate the economic and geographic barriers that prevent people across Africa from obtaining quality medical treatment.
The Solar Powered Health Centre is designed to reach as many people as possible and as regularly as possible. Mounted on a truck and manned by qualified medical professionals, the centers will move from one area to the next providing a range of eye, ear, blood and dental medical services to the public.
“Mobile solutions help address this issue by making medical services accessible to more people in rural areas, and educating them about health care at the same time. When corporations come on board and partner with government by using their unique expertise to contribute to a better society – we see powerful results,” said a medical expert.
Samsung has set itself a goal to reach one million people through its Solar Powered Health Centers by 2015 – as part of its broader CSR goal to positively impact the lives of five million people in Africa by 2015.
Samsung Africa’s broader corporate social responsibility strategy involves a sustained focus on three key areas: education, healthcare, and rural connectivity – in line with the company’s global ‘Hope for Children’ initiative.
In line with Samsung’s commitment to building an ecosystem focused not only on hardware, but on software as well to offer a total solution, Samsung launched its respective partnership with Blue Financial Services, Intel, Microsoft, Learnthings and Universal Music to provide content and software that are unique to Africa – bringing a host of product access and content and services to the local market.
The annual event has attracted over 2000 guests from across Africa, all of whom have flocked to Cape Town to experience firsthand the technology that will be made available to the continent in the coming months.