Ermias Mohammed


Name:  Ermias Mohammed
Education: Diploma in hairdressing
Company name: Ermi Professional Saloon
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: August 2007

What it does: Manicure, pedicure, haircut, hairdressing, makeup and bridal beauty services 
HQ: Around Kadisco Square
Number of Employees: Seven  
Startup capital:  50,000  Birr
Current capital:   100,000 Birr

Reason for starting business: In order to have economic freedom and to change my life for the better 
Biggest plus of ownership: You will have the chance to do your best
Biggest strength: I am a hard working person. I also know how to handle customers and treat them equally
Biggest weakness:  I don’t know if I have one 
Biggest worry: My worries are when I see people, especially the youth, live in poverty while they can work and change their lives 
Favorite task: I am always happy when doing my job 
Most challenging task: The challenge is, convincing customers who have already decided on a style which doesn’t complement them to try a different one
Plan: I want to expand my business. I have finalized preparations to start providing Steam and Morocco Bath services
First Career: As a hairdresser in another saloon
Most interested in meeting: I have never thought about it, actually 
Most admired person: My former employer – Demis Misgana. He started from scratch and now owns a saloon with multiple branches 
Stress reducer: Hanging out with friends if I am not working 
Favorite past time: Spending time with my family and friends as I spent most of my time at work      
Favorite Book:  “Ye Enat Fikir” the Amharic translation of the English book “Jacqueline”
Favorite Destination: Hawassa
Favorite Automobile: BMW 
Favorite Film: The Notebook