Local films on the rise (Two movies premiered )

Nowadays, it seems as though there are at least a couple of local films coming out every week, and last week was no different, with the release of two films: ‘Album’ and ‘Banchi Gize’.
‘Album’, a film made by Seble Film Production, reveals the story of a family torn apart because of property inheritance issues. The film follows individual members of this particular family who live in Addis Ababa and also looks into the up and downs of their love life.
This film may not have the most interesting story to tell or may not have come up with a new theme, but it has its moments of intrigue. Actresses and Actors such as Seble Tefera, Solomon Muye, Henock Berhanu, Martha Ayalew and many more, have parts to play in it. The film took a year and a half and 420,000 birr to produce. The second film that premiered last week was titled ‘Banchi Gize’ literally translating as ‘On your time’. This film is a love story that looks at the life of a young man who faces pressure of finding a fiancé. The young man then goes on a wife-hunting spree where, in the process, gets to meet plenty of ladies.
The film has a happy ending as the young man finally falls in love and everything falls into the right place. ‘Banchi Gize’ was made by Sofi Film Production and produced by Bahrain Keder, Dereje Gashaw and Elias Alemu.
It features actresses and actors like Helen Bedilu, Bahrain Keder, Melkam Yedeg, Elias Alemu and others. It took 6 months and 350,000 birr to produce.  
Both films are currently on show in cinemas around town.