The other side of football, ‘The Fans’

Football is a truly universal game. It connects countries and continents with its gripping and fascinating way of playing. What makes football the best sport in the world, aside from the antics of the players themselves, are the fans. It is a game that has the most colorful, vociferous and fun loving supporters in the world, but sometimes these fans turn violent.
Football fans breathe life into the game with their passion. It is their scream, their singing, and eventually, their tears that motivate the players to perform to the best of their ability.
A photograph exhibition by artist Gabriel Uchida that opened on March 20 at Taitu Hotel featured around 30 photographs of Brazilian football fans.
The exhibition entitled ‘The Passion of Brazilian Football’ initially was supposed to consist of photographs of both Brazilian and Ethiopian football fans, but due to the lack of pictures of such Ethiopian fans, the exhibition only featured photographs of Brazilian fans. Gabriel Uchida is a journalist and photographer, whose images are described as intriguing and captivating, capturing the true essence of Brazilian football.
Since 2009, week after week, Gabriel is found either in the middle of the crowd, in the streets or in the subway going to the stadium, or even traveling with the most passionate fans of Brazilian clubs, to games in other cities. He gave his back to the best players in the world to take photos only of the fans showing their tears of frustration, screams of passion and glee in anticipation of an upcoming match, as they make their way to or from various stadiums around the country. Gabriel, not only takes pictures of such fans, but he also focuses his camera on the myriad colorful and expressive tattoos displayed on their bodies.
The exhibition was organized by DESTA for Africa Creative Consulting Plc (DFA) and the Brazilian Embassy. The event is part of the Brazilian Cultural festival that included food festival and film festival. The photograph exhibition will stay open until March 31st for all to enjoy.